A brief history


It was definitely sometime in the late 60s when everything, everywhere was changing. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other music legends were creating a brilliant new and exciting soundtrack to our lives.
London was the epicentre of style and this was the defining decade for fashion, the arts and any visual expression. It seemed as though we were viewing it all as Alice through the lens of a colour kaleidoscope. It was in this heady atmosphere that the idea developed to create a menswear collection styled around the classics but with more edge that included the eclectic influences of the times. This was the inspiration and an exciting journey was about to begin.
It was 1973, and after delivering numerous capsule collections experimenting with new palettes, fabrics and styling, Saville Row the label was officially released and our customers (now not just family and friends, thankfully) loved it. We were beginning to enjoy genuine positive critical attention.
These were exciting times!
Quite a lot has changed since those halcyon days, especially the wide diversity of clients that continue to invest in our collections and consider our designs a staple of their wardrobe. Some things though will never change, as we still love to explore and create fresh and inspiring "new classics" and will always adhere to our one non-negotiable: Manufacture only the highest quality product and use only the finest fibres available in our fabric selection. 
If you do decide to take a closer look at our store you will still find the classics, but more importantly you may also discover that special shirt or jacket that will become a much loved favourite. That very special design that would even today be right at home in the summer of 69.
Neville Quist
Founder / Designer